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The Myths And Misconceptions about Tooth Extractions

Many misconceptions and myths exist about tooth extraction treatment. The myths come down from time and are believed to be old wives’ tales but it wouldn’t be fair to old wives that may have already lost their teeth and wouldn’t be in a position to explain whether the misconceptions are true or not.

We have compiled some information from qualified dentists to make you understand that the misconceptions are better ignored than taken seriously. Dentistry has advanced to a point where the myths can be called downright lies to create a fear of the dentist among people. Movies and television shows may perhaps have contributed to the myth by casting artists portraying themselves as dentists armed with hammers and chisels when trying to extract a tooth from a patient visiting them. However, things are in sharp contrast to what is believed or portrayed and therefore we are providing you a few examples to dispel the myths that have achieved immense popularity among people. What are the most common myths that are being circulated even to this day?

Tooth Extractions Are Painful

Yes, extracting a tooth is certainly painful but we are not living in 1919. In 2019 the Bronx dentist is making every effort to ensure that tooth extraction causes no pain and can be completed within a short time but also doesn’t make the use of hammers and chisels for the extraction. Present-day dentists use extraction methods that are minimally invasive after administering advanced anesthetics to their patients.

When extracting the tooth the dentist loosens it by using a tool known as an elevator after making sure the patient does not feel anything. After the tooth is loosened special dental forceps are used to extract the tooth from its socket. The process is completed in a few minutes making the patient believe it was over before it started.

Some pain and discomfort will be experienced after the removal but this can easily be treated with prescription painkillers.

The Time for Recovery from Tooth Extraction Is Lengthy

This is just another myth. It does take a couple of weeks for the socket of the tooth to heal after the extraction. Most patients however only feel the discomfort and pain for a couple of days after the procedure. As long as patients follow the after-care instructions provided by tooth extraction in the Bronx they will be able to recover quickly to get back to normal life.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Is Essential

This was a popular belief some years ago when dentists and oral surgeons were recommending the removal of all wisdom teeth. Modern dentistry does not subscribe to a similar view especially in many cases where the wisdom teeth erupt properly without causing any ill effects. Dentists now suggest having a consultation with them for a comprehensive oral exam where x-rays will also be taken to understand whether the wisdom teeth are posing any problems. If no problems are detected the dentist will not suggest an extraction.

Extracting Impacted or Damaged Teeth Is the Best Option

Presently dentists believe it is better to save the tooth than to extract it. Therefore, the belief that impacted or damaged teeth must be extracted does not hold good. Dentists are attempting even to save a tooth affected by a root canal and only recommend an extraction and all other methods to save the tooth have been exhausted.

Extracting Teeth from the Upper Jaw Affects the Eyes

Nothing could be further than the truth. Extracting teeth from the upper jaw causes pain and swelling towards the cheek and the lower portion of the eyes. In reality, vision is not affected in any way while extracting teeth in the upper jaw which is normally the case with older people that already have a weaker vision.

Similarly, other myths also exist which can cause one to laugh because the stories being circulated are bordering on ignorance or are spread by people who have little or no knowledge about present-day dentistry.

It would be an injustice to claim teeth cleaning and removal of plaque and tartar weakens the teeth or oral health does not affect overall health.

It is suggested that people do not believe the stories because it can cause them to neglect any dental care they need simply because a method is being circulated from ages and must be believed as a fact rather than just a story.

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