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Taking Steps Against Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a major bacterial infection of the gums which if not treated will finally destroy the gums, bones supporting your teeth, ligaments leading to tooth loss. Periodontal disease can also cause complications throughout your body, and it has been largely associated with an increased risk for stroke and heart disease, and other major health problems. fortunately, periodontal disease can mostly be treated and kept under control to prevent it from converting into a serious disease. While home care is one of the best options for preventing gum disease, once periodontal disease has surfaced, one can also book an appointment with the dentist in Bronx, NY for the treatment of this disease and for a diagnosis and a special deep cleaning. After that, the disease can be controlled and handled with proper home care and routine check-ups in many cases, but sometimes, additional medical intervention might be required.

At-home Care

Home care is an important regime which is simple and easy to follow. One should brush their teeth at least twice a day for two minutes with a soft-bristled toothbrush. It is also vital to brush one’s teeth after eating to remove oral dirt. One should follow this regime with good flossing to remove any stuck food particles between the teeth and around the gum area. The flossing technique depends on the person. There are various options available and the important thing is to find what works best for person and follow it religiously. One should also take care of their tongue and take a moment to brush their tongue because bacteria tend to collect there. One can also use a mouthwash to reduce the levels of oral bacteria, and rinse away whatever leftover food your brushing and flossing may have loosened. One should follow this routine to ensure that no bacteria and debris which lead to dental plaque and hardened plaque gain a foothold in their mouth.

Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional deep cleaning is also vital to keep periodontal disease at bay. During deep cleaning process, dentist in Bronx can remove the tartar through scaling and root planning. Scaling is a process which removes tartar below and above the gum line where aggressive and stubborn bacteria forms by scraping and ultrasonic. Root planning removes bacteria on the tooth root and can be done by laser. This helps in sterilising the area covered, but sometimes it is difficult to control a laser during these types of procedures.

It is quite common to be nervous about the deep cleaning, but one should always remember that it is an extremely important first step to treating a major condition, and most people find that it is not that complicated.

The dentists near you can also offer anaesthesia options for the deep cleaning, ranging from topical numbing gel, nitrous oxide, numbing injections and in some cases complete sedation. If any person is nervous, they should let their doctor much before the treatment, and speak up during the appointment if they experience pain or discomfort.

Know Your Risks for Periodontal Disease

Everyone is at risk of getting periodontal disease, whether one is a child entering puberty, a woman, or a man, anyone is at risk of periodontal disease for a variety of reasons. Therefore, one should be aware of various risk factors when it comes to the health of one’s gum. If any person has the following, they should take extra care of their gums and see their dentist regularly. These factors include:

  • Regularly use of tobacco
  • Long Family history
  • Suffering from diabetes or HIV
  • Consistent Stress
  • Poor Diet
  • Growing Age
  • Hormonal changes including, pregnancy, puberty, menopause
  • Use of Drug
  • Certain prescribed medications

If anyone is suffering from periodontal disease, they should immediately seek treatment to turn it around and prevent its advancement. Treatment might include taking antibiotics or using over-the-counter or at home treatments to reduce inflammation and address inflammation. One should be careful about dental hygiene and more frequent dental cleanings and check-ups should be followed.

If anyone wants a periodontist and their team check their health, dentist in the Bronx– 10462 are looking forward to providing them with the quality dental care their family deserve.

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