Root Canals In The Bronx

Our teeth were meant to serve us well for life. There was a time when a damaged or diseased tooth pulled out. Fortunately, today, root canals save teeth from extraction.

Root Canals in the Bronx

Endodontic treatments focus on injuries and infections in the pulp. Endodontists are dental professionals with specialized training in treating such inner tooth conditions. Your Bronx dentist may refer you to an endodontist if it is determined that you need root canal therapy.

At Dental Magic when treatment is needed for an infected or inflamed pulp, a root canal is often the treatment of choice.

Signs of an Inner Pulp Infection

The inner pulp is soft tissue deep inside a tooth. This where all the blood vessels and nerves are housed. When the pulp becomes inflamed or infected, prompt treatment is needed.

Pulp infection is most likely to occur if you have experienced:

  • A chipped or cracked tooth
  • A deep cavity or dental filling
  • Another severe impact on the tooth

All of these conditions open up the area and allow bacteria to enter the center of the tooth.

For this reason, the tooth is then more susceptible to inflammation and infection. What’s more, pulp infection can spread further to the tissues that surround the root. The result can be swelling and pain. But sometimes, there is no pain or discomfort. Regardless, once bacteria enter the inner soft tissue, it can then damage the jawbone that supports the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment in the Bronx

Without root canal therapy at Dental Magic, the infection will continue to spread. As a result, it likely your tooth will eventually need to be removed.

However, when properly treated, a tooth restored with a root canal filling can last for many years. But, like the rest of your teeth, it still requires regular maintenance or else it can become damaged or decayed. The soft tissue around the tooth is not immune to gum disease. Therefore, professional teeth cleanings and exams will safeguard your oral health. This holds whether you have undergone root canal treatment or not.

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