Periodontal Treatment In The Bronx

Did you know that almost half of every single adult in the United States is affected by the periodontal disease? First off, many may not know that they have periodontal disease, and secondly many don’t even know what periodontal disease is or how it can affect your overall health. Gum disease is much more damaging than many people may have previously thought as this infection has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and even pancreatic cancer. Periodontal disease is nothing to overlook, that’s why periodontal treatment is so essential, especially when done at an early stage in periodontal disease.

What Can Cause Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease typically begins with bacteria that naturally occurs in the mouth. These bacteria then create waste products that combine with saliva to create a film called plaque on the surface of our teeth. This plaque, when not removed thoroughly enough by good dental hygiene habits or in a dental office, can be hardened into a substance called tartar. Overtime tartar can move below the gumline and pushes the gums away from the teeth creating a pocket or infection can live and grow.

If allowed to go untreated, this infection can eat away at the supporting tissues of the tooth and caused the bone to recede from around its roots.

What Are Your Treatment Options?

The team here at Dental Magic firmly believes in non-surgical methods of treatment whenever possible. For example, the earliest age of gum disease known as gingivitis can be easily treated through changes in your personal care routine. However, for more advanced stages of gum disease, deep cleanings, known as scaling and root planning, must be used to stop further infections from spreading. Even lasers are now used in the treatment of periodontal disease to make sure that you are kept safe.

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