Tooth Extractions

A tooth removal procedure involves extracting a tooth from the jaw bone. Extractions at Dental Magic are done in our Bronx, NY dental office. Either a dentist or an oral surgeon will extract one or more teeth under local or general anesthesia. This procedure is usually recommended for cases of severe decay, damage, or infection. Extractions are only performed if there is no other solution to save the tooth.

Extractions in the Bronx, NY

We recommend two types of extractions at Dental Magic, simple and surgical tooth removal. Your dentist in the Bronx, NY uses forceps to lift and remove a tooth during a simple extraction. For some patients, the tooth is more easily removed in pieces. This type of extraction is done under local anesthesia. An oral surgeon will perform a surgical tooth removal under general anesthesia.

After Tooth Extraction

It is important to follow your dentist’s post-extraction care instructions. There are a few steps every patient must take after tooth removal and other types of oral surgery:

  • Take antibiotics and pain medication as prescribed.
  • Avoid tobacco use or reduce the number of cigarettes. Smoking may inhibit healing.
  • Refrain from spitting, forceful rinsing, or using a straw in the first 24 hours. This will help protect the blood clot formed in the socket.
  • Stick with soft foods post procedure. Gradually introduce solid food but avoid chewing and biting on the treated side. This will help prevent putting too much pressure on the healing gum.
  • Brush and floss your teeth as you usually would, but be careful around the extraction area. Don’t use too much force.
  • Take it easy for the rest of the day, or until the anesthesia wears off.

Extractions in the Bronx, NY, should not cause pain. If you experience pain or discomfort during the procedure, alert your dentist immediately. An adjustment can be made with the anesthesia.

Extractions at Dental Magic

For severe pain or uncontrollable bleeding after the first 24 hours post-extraction, call Dental Magic for further instructions. To learn more about tooth extractions in the Bronx, NY, contact our dental office today to book an appointment.

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