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5 Signs Why You Need Emergency Dentist

Teeth are as important as any other organ of your body. Just as you take care of other body parts, the teeth are nothing different. Good oral hygiene is most important in maintaining healthy and bright teeth. If you do not clean your mouth regularly, you increase the chances of dental infections.

The dental infections might look petty in the beginning, but if you ignore it, you risk the chances of a dental emergency. Dental concerns are numerous, but you need to identify which dental ailment can be termed as a dental emergency.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Dental trauma or an accident that requires immediate medical attention can be termed as a dental emergency. Any issue relating to the teeth r the surrounding tissues and bones that require the immediate attention of trained medical professionals is a dental emergency.

A tooth fracture or a prolonged and persistent dental infection qualifies as a dental emergency. But, a minor sensitivity of the tooth or general toothache is not a dental emergency.

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Signs Signifying the Need of Dental Emergency

Once you identify the ailment, you can judge and term it as a dental emergency. The following signs or symptoms signifies that you need dental emergency attention.

#1: You Have Loose Tooth

Being an adult, it is not customary to have a loose tooth. Teeth help you to chew your food, speak, and smile. If you experience a loose tooth, it can be the result of dental trauma or accident. When you meet with an accident in the sports field or the road, you should pay a visit to an emergency dentist.

Another reason for losing the tooth might be a local infection that has hampered the jaws. Either a gum disease or dental cavities might also be the reason for losing a tooth. The emergency dentists are experienced in identifying the reason for losing a tooth and might administer oral inspections or x-rays to identify the root cause.

#2: Severe Toothache

The severity of a toothache can imply the need to visit a dentist. Some homely remedies can heal minor cavities, but if the severity is more, it is better to visit a dentist. Dentists in the Bronx are highly experienced in providing the best treatment.

Lifestyles and poor oral hygiene often constitute for toothaches. If the pain lingers for long and with high severity, you should not ignore it.

#3: Swollen Jaw and Bleeding Gum

The swollen jaws are an indication of serious infection. If you are suffering from fever, bad taste, and swollen jaw, you should visit an emergency dentist immediately. These symptoms might be of a salivary gland infection.

Bleeding gums are not normal and might be signs of gingivitis. If you have recurring gum aches, bleeding gums, it a warning bell for visiting an emergency dentist immediately. If you floss your teeth after a meal and maintain good oral hygiene, you are doing a good job of keeping dental infections at bay.

#4: Your Teeth are Numb

If you are experiencing a painful and persistent toothache, coupled with a numb tooth, you should visit an emergency dentist at once. This might be the reason that infection has affected the toot and underlying nerves. This might be the symptom of a major dental issue.

#5: Dental Abscess

A chipped tooth or a cavity left over by a cavity can cause a dental abscess. Bad breath, swollen glands, and mild fever are symptoms of dental abscess. Generally, abscess requires you to undergo dental surgery, and once these symptoms surfaces, you should visit an emergency dentist.

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